Posted by: pilgrimtraveler | September 13, 2010

Quoting Myself

I looked back at a some earlier thoughts I had published and they seem relevant enough to post them here for you interested folks.  I attended Computers in Libraries 2006 and then wrote this…

“Smartphones, PDAs, and increasingly smaller computers combined with wireless, bluetooth, and cellular networks make information access available on a 24 hour basis. The library is becoming less and less a particular place, but more of an ongoing electronic prescence. It isn’t that libraries don’t benefit from a home base with traditional materials, I think they do. However, the rate of information access through computers and other smart devices is rapidly increasing and the library concept must change from one of place to one of prescence.

Librarians will adapt to this change in concept by increasing opportunity for access through any device with the capability to access the information we have available. Web pages for libraries will have to be scalable to any device and any size screen. The databases we provide will have to be accessible and scalable also. We will find ourselves increasing the number of ebooks, audiobooks, music, podcasts, and movies/video that we have available and make them easily uploadable to any device in any desired format. Our catalogs will dynamically link to any of our holdings and offer them for immediate access.”

We aren’t there yet, however.  Journal database providers (EBSCO, Gale, OVID, etc.) aren’t fully onboard with scalability and multi-format access.  Also, many libraries are working in institutions where the institutions IT departments sometimes restrict what can be done related to format, accessibility, and scalability.  New media will require additional flexibility among stakeholders.

Anyway,  lots of room for growth and creative change.

Posted by: pilgrimtraveler | September 11, 2010

Hello world!

Welcome, Awakening the Digital Imagination: A Networked Faculty Development Seminar participants, family, and other interested folks. I will be posting more or less regularly about the things I read and think during this semester.  I am a reference librarian in my current professional life and will be writing with that as a foundation.  I discovered Gardner Campbell back in 2005 and read his blog fairly regularly for two years before changing jobs and allowing life to interrupt my interest in new media.  There were other good influences on me and my thinking then including Meredith Farkas, Jenny Levine, and Stephen Abram.

With the above influences I did create a blog for a freshmen orientation class at Belmont Abbey College in 2006.  I also dabbled with Second Life and later WOW.  Now I am ready for some concentrated exposure to new media and getting my imagination awakened again.

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