Posted by: pilgrimtraveler | October 6, 2010

Gaining Clarity

Just in case I have been unclear by being brief and just implying the connections and meanings that I intend I will make another effort.  I find the material we are reading to be incredibly interesting in light of times in which they were written.  If I had read these things in 1973 and 1974 when I took the only two computer programming classes that I have ever taken, I might have immediately gone to graduate school or a working situation where I could learn more.

Reading them now still encourages and inspires me about the possibilities for education and creativity to be extended as the ideas, theories, and dreams of the authors of these works are still being developed and implemented.  The impact of Bush, Engelbart, and Nelson have inspired a generation of creative artists, writers, academics, coders, and hackers (hacker in the sense of creative innovation [see mashup]).   Now there are new leaders, thinkers, and technologies with much to offer.  Consider immersive technology as a way to learn and teach which is part of Gardner’s student’s dreams, Jill Walker Rettberg’s writing and teaching about electronic/hypertext literature, and Lilia Efimova’s writing about blogs.  These scholars would not be dreaming the dreams and doing the work they are doing today without the work that has gone before.  This list of those to whom we are indebted is not comprehensive.

So thanks to you Gardner and Alan for extending the invitation to us in outlying areas to learn along with you and all your other students.


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