Posted by: pilgrimtraveler | October 6, 2010

Computer Lib/Dream Machines and Gardner’s Young Colleagues

Computer Lib/Dream Machines speaks to me.  The message I hear from Ted Nelson is that computers are a versatile creative tool accessible (in the sense of graspable) to anyone who is willing to learn, experiment, and play with them.  It is that sense of creative play that energizes me when I read Computer Lib/Dream Machines.  Nelson clearly advocates computer knowledge/access for everyone.  Also, that computers are tools for the creation, sharing, and display of media.  Nelson’s thoughts on education are also worth considering, especially letting students have more control over their learning.  This wasn’t to radical since Summerhill has been around since 1921.  Nelson is visionary and has lots of ideas, though not all easily achievable.  Hypertext is one of those ideas that has changed the world.

Yesterday, after finishing the Computer Lib/Dream Machines reading I was thinking about what I might write for this blog.  It was then that I read Gardner’s blog about his undergraduate students and the work Gardner was participating in in Barcelona.  I began to get fired up thinking about his students contributions to OpenEdTech 2010.  I liked his students ideas about creating learning environments that are MMO games.  Where students help create and extend the environment while learning through the completion of quests.  Some quests might be solo and some require small groups or the whole class to achieve.  Students could toggle between the MMO and resources available in another browser window.  I think their ideas could enhance learning for many students.  Thanks Gardner for sharing their thoughts with us.

These ideas are extensions of the creative dreams that Ted Nelson was having 30 plus years ago.


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