Posted by: pilgrimtraveler | September 16, 2010

Fear of Blogging

I know this has been written about before, but after the discussion we had in our New Media Seminar today I thought it wouldn’t hurt to revisit this.  I’m sure our group is not the only one facing this issue.  My thoughts on why some of us struggle with starting a blog is just a lack of confidence.  We may lack confidence in what we have to say, or we may not be confident of our technical skills.  There may be a negative voice in our heads saying something like,  “Who cares what you think?” or “What makes you think your experience is important enough to share with others.”

Why do we fight the fear and do it anyway?  We decided the most important thing was to write/speak about whatever we are passionate about.  If we do that, then our blogs will communicate what is important to us and enthusiasm is contagious.  We engage others out of our enthusiasm.  Learning occurs best through engagement (ours and our students).  The passionate expression of our thoughts and feelings illicits a response from those who experience what we express.


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